SFFP | Dr Roumiana Spassova
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Dr Roumiana Spassova

I obtained my medical degree from the Medical University in my home town Plovdiv in Bulgaria. I proceeded to qualify as Specialist in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Rheumatology at The Academy of Medicine in the capital of Bulgaria.


Afterwards I worked as a senior specialist of internal medicine, cardiology and rheumatology at the University Hospital in Plovdiv and was also appointed senior teaching lecturer to medical students in the same disciplines at The Medical University.


My career continued in South Africa where I worked for a considerable number of years as the manager of 24-hours Emergency Department in a large private hospital while running my own private family practice as well. There I obtained my qualifications in Emergency Medicine.

I moved to Australia 6 years ago to join my daughter and her family. Since then I have worked at SFFP. I am a Fellow of The Australian College of General Practitioners and am passionate about providing the best medical care to the people of the community.


While I provide care to all possible medical problems my main interests are in the field of cardiology, rheumatology, endocrinology and chronic condition management.