SFFP | General Practitioners
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Dr Brenton Martin

Chronic Condition Management, Osteoporosis, Women’s Health, Antenatal Shared Care. Available Wednesdays and occasional weekends.

Dr John Law

General Medicine, Chronic Condition Management, Aged Care. Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and occasional weekends

Dr Kin Lau

Aged Care, Dementia, Adult Health. Available Monday, Wednesday and occasional weekends.

Dr Raj Poonia

Special Interests: Chronic Condition Management, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Respiratory Conditions, Skin Cancer Care, Mental Health Conditions and Minor Surgical Procedures. Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and occasional weekends

Dr Roumi Spassova

Cardiology, Rheumatology, Diabetes. Available Monday to Thursday

Dr Angela Knight

Special Interests: General Medicine, Womens Health, Travel Medicine, Chronic Condition Management. Available Tuesday, Thursday and occasional weekends.

Dr Gerard Cobiac

Dr Cobiac's areas of interest include aged care, men’s health and chronic disease management. He is available every Monday for consultation.

Dr Meiyan Leng

GP Registrar - My special interests include skin lesion excisions, dermatology conditions and emergency medicine. Mei is available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and every second Saturday.

Dr Paul Worley

Dr Worley's special interests include the role of the immune system in Metabolic Syndrome and Mental Health. He is available Fridays.
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Dr KC Hor

Special interest in skin cancer medicine and elderly care

Dr Charles Christie

Skin cancer medicine
Dr Branimir Rajcic SFFP website

Dr Branimir Rajcic

Special interest in men’s health, skin cancer and paediatrics
Dr Audrey Salleh website SFFP greyscale

Dr Audrey Salleh

Special interest in women's health and geriatric medicine
Dr Thomas Shaw SFFP website greyscale

Dr Thomas Shaw

Special interest in paediatrics, men’s health, travel medicine, general medicine