SFFP | Practice Profile
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The permanent residential community and district area population is 4639  with an annual growth of 1.5% over 5 years from 2006. 70% of these residents reside in the three townships of Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga.

In addition to these permanent residents the area has an estimated 2700 additional non-resident (holiday home) persons which means a total ‘township’ population of 7339.

The area population swells to over 10,000 during the summer holiday period with holiday visitors.

The current “active” patient register is 9428 with 78% of these persons residing in the key postcodes for the district council area. The other patients reside in multiple other postcodes representing non-resident and holiday attendance at the practice.

The patient register as recorded indicates a number of  chronic conditions including Diabetes, Asthma and Coronary Heart Disease. As such, the Practice has a major chronic condition program which reviews patient management and outcomes for each key condition on a regular basis.

Similarly, the practice provides services for the varying needs of the community through appropriate referral to allied health and/or specialists.